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Convention Calendar

Come see your friends at All New Comics at local conventions. In addition to comics and TPB’s, we bring along a selection of unique items that we don’t sell on the website. From custom mugs to statues and figures.

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For more than a decade, All New Comics has built the best online comics subscription service exclusively for Canadians!

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Every comic we ship is hand packed, inspected, bagged and boarded. There are no dog ears here! Best of all, you don’t pay a cent for this awesome service!

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We care about your comics! Not only is each comic bagged and boarded, but they’re sealed in a shipping bag, bubble wrapped, and boxed up in our custom built comic boxes! They arrive to you in mint condition. Every time.

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All New Comics has been around since 2005. We have shipped tens of thousands of packages. We have satisfied every customer who has ever ordered from us. We are very proud of that fact.

All New Comics is Not Participating in Marvel’s Lenticular Covers

While we don’t make it a policy to refuse to order products, we have a sad announcement to make – Due to the ordering restrictions on Marvel’s Lenticular Covers, All New Comics will not be able to order any copies of the Lenticular covers, and will therefore not be able to offer them to our customers.

August 2017 Subscriptions Update

The August Subscription Comics update is ready to go, in addition to over 130 new additions this month, we’ve also got 3 specials for you. Batman: White Knight, Batman Dark Prince Charming – both from DC Comics, and Slots from Image Comics.

A Great Article on the Pros and Cons of Comic Pull Boxes

One of our favourite sites on the web is Bleeding Cool. Rich Johnston has been around since the dawn of the internet (originally posting on Usenet back in the early 90’s), and has never been one to back away from controversy.  This week he posted a column from Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics, who writes “A Comic Store in your Future”.