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It's All True

It’s true. All of it. The Dark Side. The Jedi. They’re real.

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Frank Miller's Back

Dark Knight Strikes for a third time, and Frank Miller has brought award winning writer Brian Azzarello along for the ride.  If you like your heroes with a side order of Grim and Gritty, this is for you.

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May 2016 Subscription Update

Can you believe we have 1222 comics, TPB’s, Graphic Novels and Magazines available for you to subscribe to? That number is chunky peanut butter nutty!

The Secret Origin of All New Comics – Part 3

When we last left our story, All New Comics was celebrating its first year in business, and Brian was celebrating a brand new human being in his life. After a whirlwind year, things were finally calming down a little bit. My wife and I had moved out of our apartment...

Sequential Fiction – DC Rebirth

In this week’s episode Liam makes his grand return after spending three months in Thailand. The lads talk about comics, discussing some classic runs that Liam re-read while overseas, and talk about what Legacy means to them in comics.