Shipping and Handling

Your comics get treated like they are our comics

We’re huge comic fans, and we understand that condition is important to you. We go out of our way to make sure that we only send you the best condition comics.

Every comic is individually bagged and boarded. We then bundle up comics in special plastic bags, we wrap these bundles in bubble wrap, and finally, we put all of that in custom designed boxes that we have specially made.

In more than 10 years of business, we have seen some crazy things that our crazy obsessive packaging has avoided damage from.

What kinds of crazy things? How about the time that comics were delivered to one customer’s porch during a driving snow storm? The comics were absolutely mint when he brought them in. How about the poor guy who’s comics were on the bottom of a palette of oil that got punctured? He sent it back to us, we opened it prepared for the worst…but everything was absolutely mint!

What printing are your comics?

Unless otherwise noted, all comics are first printings.  Trade Paperbacks are whatever the current printing is at the time that we got them in stock.

Where are comics stored before they come to us?

Our warehouse is climate controlled, and kept at a healthy 40-50% humidity.  These are the same conditions that we keep our own personal collections in.

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