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About Us

All New Comics is dedicated to making it easier to buy comics. To making sure you never miss an issue. To helping you to save some money. To helping to build the comics industry into a bigger and better thing, and to contributing to our industry in meaningful and lasting ways.

We're a couple of comics loving guys who live, breathe, and eat comics.

We're an online comic store. Because we are entirely online, our costs are lower, and we can pass the savings on to you.

We are Peter and Brian.

Peter has been a comics retailer for many years. He is an integral part of the Toronto comics community. He's the inspiration behind the Women of Comics panels at the Toronto Comicon, and is a huge collector of comics, comic memorabilia, and original comics art. His resume includes organizing conventions, and managing a successful comics store.

Brian is a web guru, and is a pioneer in the Canadian web space. In the last 10 years he has designed websites for Alliance Atlantis (including Food TV, Life Network, Showcase Television, and History Television), film and TV websites (including The 51st State, the Associates, and Lucky Girl), and Bell Globe Media where his work on TSNMAX and have earned him acclaim in the web world. In his youth he worked at two seperate comic stores in London Ontario, and always dreamed of owning his own comic shop.

They've turned their attention to the world of e-commerce, and the under served market of Canada...and they want to shake things up.

All New Comics 1.0 launched August 17th 2005 The site started out with a very basic front page promoting news stories about comics. A few weeks later we launched an online store, but the news and the store were separate areas of the site. Looking at the site we realized some pretty glaring omissions. The site while clean, felt disconnected.

All New Comics 2.0 launched on April 16th 2006 (Easter Sunday) . This version included many of the learnings we had from the first version, and incorporated our all new Subscriptions tool which is the cornerstone of our business.

All New Comics Subscription Billing launched on August 1st 2007 . The subscription tool was significantly overhauled to allow for automated billing directly through the website. All orders from selection to pull through billing are now tracked directly on the website.

All New Comics 3.0 launched October 11th, 2011 with a brand new website that was better designed, with a vastly improved subscriptions picker.  The new site was streamlined and cleaned up, and products were made much easier to search and find.

All New Comics. Think new. Think comics. Think Canadian.