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July 2014 Subscription update

As you may know, we had a major outage this weekend.  Something went very bad in the data center, and we're now on brand new shiny hardware.  This was entirely unexpected and unplanned, and we tried to keep everyone up to date via Facebook and Twitter, but both Peter and I were pretty much helpless.

Luckily top people were on the case, and we were restored back to normal midway through Sunday.

With that nastyness out of the way, here's the regular update.

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June 2014 Subscription Update

There's a load of really great comics coming out over the summer, and this month's deals are no exception.

The much anticipated "Multiversity" by Grant Morrison gets started with The Multiversity #1 , regular $4.99, your price $3.75!

Our other deal this month is Image's new crime noir The Fade Out by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips regular $3.50, your price $2.60!

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Future's End Subscription Update

Urgent Update about Future's End in September

In September, DC is planning another line-wide event, this time it's "Future's End", and every DC Comic in September will flash forward five years.

To make sure you get exactly what you want, we are asking you to specially order Future's End titles.  We have created a special category on the site called "Future's End", which can be seen in the left hand navigation.  I've also included all of the sku's, titles and creators in the list below.

Here's what the covers look like:

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